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Online therapy tips

With the impact of the Covid pandemic still being felt in all areas of life, it can sometimes be hard to remember what life was like before masks, social distancing and lateral flow tests.

Like everything, therapy has also had to adapt. Though, almost two years down the line, it feels to me it’s mainly the issue of accessing therapy online that is so different rather than the actual experience of it.

I am still only seeing clients online, which I wouldn’t have believed when we had to switch to this format in a day, back in March 2020! The reason I am still seeing clients online is that I feel it really works and allows for greater flexibility. There is still the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship, talk through your deepest concerns and find new ways to look at yourself. And it can all be done in the comfort of your own home!

However, of course I appreciate the thought of online therapy can be daunting, so I wanted to give a few tips for anyone thinking of it.

Find a place that is quiet

One common concern people have had about online therapy is privacy. I talk to clients from a designated therapy room in my house so can ensure I have the same level of confidentiality as in face-to-face work. However, I know it can be difficult for people to find somewhere that feels private enough to feel able to talk. Before your first online session, have a think about where in your home is most quiet and where you won’t be disturbed - this may impact the time of day you’d want a session. There can be different solutions to finding privacy, some people choose to talk from their car which is the ultimate soundproof place! It’s wherever you feel most able to relax and be yourself.

Treat it like a face-to-face session

Whist it can feel strange at first, I promise you that online therapy can quickly feel little different to meeting face-to-face. By treating in the same way as an in-person session, you can get used to it more quickly. Get up, dressed and go through your usual routine before a session, as you would if you were coming to see me at my house. This can help bring more normality to the situation.

Also, don’t hold back during online sessions. By allowing yourself to be immersed in a session, this will also help you get more used to the online situation and quite quickly, you’ll find yourself relaxing.

Talk through any concerns

Of course, if you are uncertain and have ongoing concerns about online therapy, please do talk about it. I’ve been working in this way for a long time now and am very happy to discuss what it’s like for people and help explore any ways around what may be bothering clients. Some people have chosen to talk on the phone rather than online or perhaps you may rather we switched our videos off. I’m happy to work with whatever feels most comfortable for you.

My Location

My counselling, psychotherapy and coaching practice in based in the Southside of Glasgow. It is within easy reach of Shawlands, Pollokshields, Giffnock, Newton Mearns and the city centre.

I work with clients both face-to-face and online. Please contact me to discuss what may work best for you.


Counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies that can help just about everyone, regardless of age, race and gender.
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“I approached the counselling process with a certain level of trepidation and anxiety. However Alison was able to be supportive and reassuring, creating a safe environment. The sessions were undertaken at a pace I felt comfortable with and it was clear Alison was able to respond to my individual situation which was multifaceted. I found the process helpful and beneficial.I would be more than comfortable approaching Alison in the future should the need arise.” Anonymous, Glasgow