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Counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are both talking therapies, offered by a trained practitioner such as myself, who work with people to help bring about the changes in their life they so want.

It is a confidential space, where any issue or subject is open for reflection. You may think your problems are minor compared to other peoples', or you may be embarrassed to let someone else know what is going on for you. Whatever the situation, if something is bothering you, it is important to me .

Counselling & psychotherapy. therapy-consultation

Starting therapy can be a difficult prospect, particularly if you have not sought help in this way before. In the first instance, I aim to help you feel at ease and supported in telling me about what has led you to seek counselling and psychotherapy. Through the development of a trusting and collaborative partnership, we will then begin to make sense of your problems together, how you see yourself, the world and your place within it. This may well involve reflecting on past and present experiences, feelings, relationships and patterns of thinking and behaviour that are preventing you from feeling fully alive and content within yourself. You set the pace in therapy, I am there to act as a guide and work alongside you in your discoveries rather than give advice and be the 'expert'.

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In working through this process, my hope would be that through cultivating greater self-awareness and acceptance, you are more able to tune in and make choices that best suit you. The aim is then that you can manage on your own with the psychological toolset we have developed together. Whilst therapy can be essential during a crisis, it can also be helpful if you are simply keen on developing your self-awareness and working towards knowing what is emotionally true for you .

I work with people for varying amounts of time, it depends upon what comes up and how we both feel you are doing. With some clients, the emphasis is on time-limited and goal orientated work whilst with others, the plan may be more open-ended. Initially, I will agree to meet with you for 3-4 sessions and then we will review how things are going and, if appropriate, contract for further sessions. I conduct regular reviews with clients and see our discussions about how we are doing together as crucial to the therapy itself. 

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