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Sometimes it can help to read more about what you think might be going on for you, whether that is as a lead-up to counselling or as an alternative for you at the moment.

Below, are some books I think are really helpful for common issues people bring to counselling.

Reading. Self-Help for your Nerves

Dr Claire Weekes - Self-Help for your Nerves

Despite using some old fashioned terms, Dr Claire Weeke’s books are incredibly accurate in their description of the crippling physical symptoms of anxiety and depression. Her advice on how best to approach each day during the grips of emotional distress are invaluable and also pocket sized – it’s a trusty book to carry around with you.

Reading. What Mothers Do

What Mother’s Do – Naomi Stadlen

This is an incredibly validating book for any new mother, struggling to come to terms with the way their life now looks with a baby who is completely and utterly dependant upon them.

Reading. magical thinking

The Year of Magical Thinking - Joan Didion

A novel charting the first year after the death of Joan Didion's husband. This is a seminal meditation on grief and all its different dimensions.

Reading. Staring at the Sun

Staring at the Sun - Irvin Yalom

A revered exisential psychotherapist, Irvin Yalom's books are required reading for therapists and accessible for the layperson too. Staring at the Sun deals with our fear of death, which Yalom believes is at the root of most of our anxieties.

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